"What are Mamma Soul Sessions?"

03.23.24 01:45 PM

"Our lives are made up of an endless amount of stories. 
​Some are AMAZING, others not so much…. 
And of course, we’re all looking for our 
Happily Ever After story, right? 
Well, I suggest an alternative...." 
(if you're anything like me, you're gonna want more details, so here ya go ;)


(Allow me to start with a sappy analogy...) 

Imagine-  we're each floating through the ocean of life.

Some waves are calm, peaceful & serene... 

Others - are NOT - they're full blown tsunamis! 

And oftentimes we're barely staying above water! RIGHT? 

We’ve all had our fair share of life's waves crashing us into the rocky shores & that’s why I’ve created 

Mamma Soul Ripples 

as lighthouse on the ocean (of life)! 

These sessions remind us to view our CHAOTIC stories more clearly, holding the space for us to identify what is true for in our heart & rediscovering the course you want to take on your boat, paddle board, swim, etc. 

Ultimately, inviting us to see the storm from a different POV, by asking introspective questions & seeking solutions for our physical, emotional & mental well-being, plus mindfully reminding you to ...

Be. Here. Now! 

When you are present, YOU are more CLEAR, and YOU will pass that on to your family, friends & the whole darn world!

Of course we have to add in lots of fun too! 

Mandala Art, Visualization, Moving, Dancing & Shaking! 

Our sessions together are like a mini beach getaway! 

You get to chill, groove & explore to your souls content!

I even have a hammock in my home office, 

if you visit in person & want to try it out :)


Before we go any further with the details, let's see if it may be a match first.

Mamma Soul Ripples might be a good fit if you:

  • Are an Aspiring, Expecting or New Mamma
  • Have BIG emotions & opinions about natural pregnancy, birth & parenting
  • Are looking for ways to trust your own intuition more clearly 
  • Feel open minded & kind hearted (even though you are worried about topics like the pain of birth or scared you don't know how to be a good parent)
  • Interested in trying unique practices to heal & grow

Probably NOT the best fit if you:

  • Are not planning to have kids anytime soon or ever...
  • Prefer medical interventions for you & your family's health
  • Trust in current norms for answers to your life's questions
  • Feel drawn to the status quo 
  • Are NOT interested in trying new approaches ;)  
  (no judgement, just different POVs)

I'm PASSIONATE about guiding Soon-to-be & New Mamma's who feel a bit (or a lot) freaked out about pregnancy, birth & BEYOND!

Together we find the solutions that work best for YOU

During our sessions, I invite you to learn skills to face those fears & create your own soul waves!

Life's a 'Beach' sometimes, 

so let's take a break...

CHILL - Relax, Rest, Pause, Clear Your MIND!

GROOVE - Dance, Sway, Shake, Move Your BODY!

EXPLORE - Dig, Search, Discover, Heal Your Soul!

In other words, 3 Steps to 

Make Your Own Soul Waves

Super simple, yet empowering steps:

1.  CHILL - Start with some simple relaxation techniques

2.  GROOVE - Super simple, fun (clean) movements

3.  EXPLORE - Check out all the paradox of your soul

Few more DETAILS about the experience...

  • CHILL - Before we can do any healing, we must create a safe, relaxing space for our Body, Mind & Soul. We will practice some simple mindfulness techniques such as visualizing your favorite safe space & easy breathing exercises. Plus learn some basic massage to release tension. Once you're feeling more relaxed, then we move on to the fun part!
  • GROOVE - Next we'll start some upbeat music & invite our body to feel the rhythm (NO Experience needed - if you can shake your head, you can follow these movements). We'll have a little freestyle dance party together! Mindful Movement helps to release emotions from our physical, mental & spiritual pieces. PLUS it's a blast! Check out this post about SHAKING
  • EXPLORE -  Bring a notebook or I'll provide mandala coloring pages so you can put your thoughts & feelings on paper, as we talk though some triggers, limiting beliefs &/or stressful thoughts. In my experience, a big part of cleaning up anything, is first understanding the "mess" (stress, conflict, struggle, etc).  For example, let's imagine the beach where we're relaxing, is littered with trash - but we have a blindfold on - so it's much harder to clean up right? When we look at & explore the issues in our life, we can see them much clearer & learn the best way to clean up. And of course, there is wisdom in the sandy stones scattered around the garbage!

Mamma Soul RIPPLES - After we've cleared up the 'trash', we start searching for the perfect pebbles to skip along the surface of the water. That's what this all leads up to... I'll invite you listen to your inner wisdom via SOUL INQUIRY to answer introspective & paradoxical questions, so we can create waves of different perspectives. This change in POV, helps us see the waves more clearly & the ripples reach far beyond what we could ever imagine! And most important, we're able to be more PRESENT! xoxox

Dixie Ewing