"Becoming Awake...

11.16.21 02:55 PM

...involves seeing our confusion more clearly". ~Rumi

Rumi's quotes ROCK right??

Along with sooo many other inspiring, thought-provokers and truth-seekers. 

From now on, I plan to start my blog posts with a quote that really resonates :)

As a Mind/Body Coach for nearly 4 years and Licensed Massage Therapist for over 2.5 decades (wow - has it really been that long?), 

I'm PASSIONATE about sharing my expertise in the health and wellness field. 

With years of experience guiding my clients during 1-on-1 sessions, 

I'm ecstatic to begin offering informative blog posts about re-discovering and engaging with our true nature via our 

Mind, Body, Heart Connections.

Blogging is an exciting, fresh endeavor for me ... I've only dabbled in it sporadically over the years. 

I LOVE writing and believe I'm pretty darn good at expressing myself through this venue ;)

I'm also eager to include information about companies that I've supported for years, 

as well as new organizations, that are each working to 


In other words, my blog posts may contain affiliate links to products or sites that I find to be healthy, sustainable and helpful. 

Keep in mind, I may receive commissions for purchases made through these links and I'm ultra grateful for your support in this manner.


  • Share my knowledge and understanding about relevant health and wellness methods
  • Suggest and support businesses that are out of the 'main stream' - who care more about our living, breathing planet (less about profits) 
  • Invite connection and collaboration toward more renewable practices 
  • And like Rumi says "Becoming Awake..." by viewing our confused, stressed, less healthy thoughts with more clarity!

"Clear Mind, Clear Body, Clear Heart" has been my motto for quite awhile, 
which beautifully describes my passion for guiding you (and me) to more clarity in every area of life! 

Plus, of course I love to add a touch of humor and/or amusement whenever possible LOL

All these qualities will shine through in my blog posts, as I connect with different angles of the our mind, body and heart! 
Glad you're joining me in this evolving adventure :)

Warmly~ Dixie

Dixie Ewing