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    It's ALLLL about dealing with the CHAOS & finding Clarity.

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Mamma Soul Sessions

Basically it's about RIDING the Waves of our Body, Mind & Soul. 

If you're anything like me, you'll definitely want more details, so here ya go...


Basically it's about RIDING the Waves of our Body, Mind & Soul. 

If you're anything like me, you'll definitely want more details, so here ya go...

Sacred Placenta Services

Reclaim the divine nature of sacred Placenta Ceremonies - Art, Encapsulation &/or Tincture


Reclaim the divine nature of sacred Placenta Ceremonies - Art, Encapsulation &/or Tincture

Bit About My "STORY"

My name is Dixie (yes that's my real name - btw)!

Briefly, I AM a....

    • Co-Dependent
    • People Pleaser
    • Red Flag Ignorer
    • Toxic Positivity Addict 
  • Certified Clarity Coach / Mamma Mentor since 2019
  • Licensed Prenatal Massage Therapist since 1997

I'll tell you a bit more about my story.... And before I do, I want you to notice - you’ve already created your own story about me. 

Your story might be formed by the style of my website, or photos you've seen here, maybe your past experience with someone named Dixie ...  any number of things, right?

Now I ask, is your story of me the same as my kids' story, or my Mom's? What about the story my neighbor has about me?

I don't think so.... 
​We all have different stories about everyone & everything, right?!

So who’s story is TRUE?!?

"Our lives are made up of an endless amount of stories. 

Some are amazing, others not so much…. 
And of course, we’re all looking for our Happily Ever After story, right?  
Well, I suggest an alternative!"

​~Dixie Ewing

First, a little more about me ….​

As a child, my parents supported my siblings & I, in finding our passion - mine was DANCE! 

They also always encouraged us to ask questions.

My Mom told us often, that questions are an essential aspect of learning & she encouraged them constantly ...that is, until I started questioning my family’s beliefs as a teenager. 

(Fortunately, even though my family & I may have some different views now - we still have deep love for each other)

 Throughout my teen & young adult years I explored many different beliefs.

Then when I was 22 years old, I became a Licensed Massage Therapist graduating from Myotherapy College of Utah.

I felt I was pretty open minded & thought I had life nearly figured out (hahaha…..pretty hilarious now looking back).

As a Massage Therapist most of my adult life, many of my stories revolve around my career and believe me, I’ve gathered plenty of colorful tales! 

In 1999, I had my first, sweet baby! A huge dream & passion of mine.

Fast forward to now and I adore being Mamma to 4 incredible kids!  (Yes I even adore my teenagers - AND for the MOST part, they like me too LOL xoxox) Plus 5 wonderful step-kids, over a dozen grandkids and 1 great grandbaby!

I’m a very thankful & fulfilled woman …. Although, it hasn’t always felt like ‘happily ever after’ (more about that soon).

Needless to say, as an enthusiastic Wellness Integrator and zealous Mom, I’m deeply dedicated to Holistic Health! 

The past few years I've slowed down on offering Massage & now mostly just work with Aspiring, Expecting & New Mamma's. Check out Mamma Massage for more info. 

At this point, a lot of my time & passion are directed to Mamma Mentoring .... Where I guide soon-to-be & young Mamma's to question the status quo & Make Waves in their Soul

Perfect fusion of Mindfulness & Movement! 

What are Mamma Soul Sessions?

  • Mamma Soul Sessions remind us how to "skip stones" in our Soul & make Ripples in the STORIES that cause emotional, mental & physical stress

  • We use simple Mindfulness techniques & fun Movement practices ( shaking, dancing, swaying & playing - no experience needed )!

Body. Mind. Soul. 

You might wonder, how I decide to become a Mamma Mentor and combine these unique pieces ....

As I previously mentioned, from a very young age, I was taught that questions are knowledge…. And yet the main question I would ask throughout life was “WHY____?”   

I came to realize, I didn’t seem to get the answers I was seeking, by merely asking ‘why’.

Then one beautiful autumn day in 2016, when I was trading massage with a fellow LMT, Nancy, I mentioned the recent separation from my husband. (Really, I was complaining & venting about how it was all my ex-husband’s fault! LOL

My friend, Nancy asked the question that would alter my life-compass forever…. 

"WHO would you be WITHOUT that STORY, Dixie?"

I remember my mind seemed to glitch.  With a dumbfounded expression I said “Huh?” 

First of many reminders for me....

INNER Work & Play!

Nancy briefly explained about The Work of Byron Katie (  I had always been interested in Mindfulness & this Work definitely peaked my curiosity.

My whole drive home after our session, I was ultra excited to search & find out more. And for the next few weeks, I was enthralled by this INNER Work! The more I practiced, the more I felt a clear wave of relief, and it started to be noticeable in my daily life.  This Inner Work is simply identifying & questioning our stressful, crazy, chaotic thoughts, until they dissolve & our true nature emerges

And as I mentioned above, I started dancing when I was 3 years old and continued all through my teens into adulthood - Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, social dance, dancing around my house, etc.

One day while I was dancing in my kitchen, I realized how movement & play are so very therapeutic! LIGHT BULB moment.... I HAD to combine these amazing modalities! Inner Work & PLAY! So Mindful Movement & Soul Inquiry were 'born'! 


By the Way

You might notice, I make lots of references to water. 

It’s my "happy place", especially the Ocean. 

Thus my previous business name 

Clear Wave Wellness. 

Kind of a sappy analogy, I know, and yet so true to my heart!

BEYOND Explanation

Anyway, back to my story.... In March 2017, I attended The School for The Work of Byron Katie .... I HAVE NO WORDS TO EXPLAIN the MAGNITUDE of the experience from those courses. I then started training with Clarity Coaching Institute  ....and of course, all this self-healing was beyond explanation! 

New Perspective

The tide just keeps bringing new perspectives of reality, a constant ebb & flow. 

Of course, I still have struggles and stress.... The difference is NOW I have the understanding to Inquire, to be Mindful, to Witness, to Notice, to Allow, to PLAY, to DANCE - instead of fight against my thoughts & feelings!  

NOW Life feels so much more simple, free & CLEAR ... even DIVORCE, Single Parenting & LIFE in general! 


Allow me to finish with a cheesy analogy... I have created Mamma Soul Ripples as lighthouse on the ocean (of life) - by reminding you to view your CHAOTIC stories more clearly, holding the space for you to identify what is true for you & rediscovering the course you want to take on your boat, paddle board, swim, etc. 

Ultimately, inviting you to see through the storm, via Mamma Soul Sessionsby asking introspective questions & seeking solutions for your physical, emotional & mental well-being, plus mindfully reminding you to ...

Be. Here. Now! 

When you are Present, YOU are more CLEAR, and YOU will pass that on to your family, friends & the world around you!

AND of course we have to add in lots of fun too! Mandalas, Visualization, Moving, Grooving, Dancing & Shaking! 

BTW- this is a mutually beneficial process - while guiding you, I also discover new parts of myself and heal right along with you. We're all in the same water, learning to navigate the waves! 

So - instead of Happily Ever After…. 

I’d like to propose

Happily Ever Present!

These are the gifts I’m passionate about sharing with YOU!  

Are you ready to rediscover who you are beneath all the chaotic stories? 

Your Divine Connection, your True Wisdom, your 'INNER GURU'!?! 

Fair warning - it won't necessarily be easy! It will take some hard work AND some serious PLAY too!

I'm ready to Skip Some Stones & Make Some Soul Waves... How about you? :)

Mamma Soul Sessions