Body Shakes. Soul Quakes.

03.24.24 01:45 PM

This'll be fun!

Have you noticed that when animals have any type of BIG emotions, they SHAKE?!  Shake it off, like the songs says. 

So why don't humans shake? We're mammals after all. 

Wellll, we've been socially conditioned to grin & bear it! Pretend everything is fine! We act like we're totally unfazed by our boss getting upset, or our parent's declining health, or the dooms day news on every channel, right? 

It could even be feelings of extraordinary excitement that we hold back... like getting that raise we've been hoping for at work, maybe seeing a movie that really touched our heart, or hearing a song that brings up all sorts of huge emotions. Our current society acts like it's a weakness to express any extreme ups or downs. 

So we hold it in, hold it all together, hold it back!

Sadly, when we suppress these BIG feelings, it reeks havoc on our nervous system (here's an article about this topic). Which means more stress, more down-ward spirals, more Dis-Ease! 

So I'm on a mission to break these cultural taboos! Let's create a world where SHAKING off our pent-up feelings is good, healthy, welcome! 
AND just as an earthquake opens ground & shifts the land ... our Soul Quake will open our mind & shift our hearts!
Want to join me? 

Each Mamma Soul Ripple Session includes Shaking, Moving, Swaying & Grooving!

I will be making occasional videos of my DANCING & post them on social media. 
My purposes for these live videos are: 
1. Help bring this simple practice more into the open
2. Help people see the benefits for themselves
3. Help me get more comfortable on camera & get out of my comfort zone ;)
4. Help spread the word about the services I offer - I include shaking & moving in my Mamma Mentoring sessions.  If it's a fit for you, that's great! If it's not a fit, that's great too! Just want to be open about my intent ;)

I'm ecstatic to Shake & Quake with you! I deeply appreciate you sharing this with anyone who might be interested or served!
Warmly xoxox

Dixie Ewing