01.07.23 02:58 PM

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. TODAY I am wise, so I am changing myself.” ~Rumi

As you consider the above quote from Rumi, what changes do you notice as you get wiser? 

Does the world seem more calm and peaceful, when you do your own inner work? 

I remember when I first began my career as a Licensed Massage Therapist, over 25 years ago. I subconsciously thought my job was to CHANGE the world around me, especially people - my co-workers, my clients, my family - you name it. 

One time in particular, shortly after graduating from Myotherapy College, I remember giving a pretty great massage and feeling like I helped change/fix the clients issue. Then the next day the client called to say their back was bruised and they blamed my massage! 

WHAT? I could hardly believe my ears! They had asked for deep pressure, after all. I felt like a failure.

Fortunately, I've always had an optimistic soul and passion for growing, so I quickly discovered my mistakes (although I was still trying to change the world around me LOL)

If you've read my bio, you might remember that the past several years have been full of really big life lessons for me... and the above quote by Rumi, perfectly sums it up. As I become wiser, I notice the most important aspects of change, are within myself! It's astonishing how much my world has shifted since examining this different perspective. If I didn't know better, it might seem like the world around me had changed. On the contrary - the inner changes are just reflecting outward! 

That leads me to one of my recent life changes! 

After 25 wonderful years as a Massage Therapist, my Body & Soul are hinting for something different, so my big announcement is.....

I'm "SEMI-RETIRING" from standard sessions! And I'm excited to share what I've got going on now :)

Anyone who knows me, understands my eagerness for constant evolution! I've been teetering on the fence about this change, for over a year now... trying all sorts of unique, creative aspirations. 

Any who, what's my next step? Good question!

Here's what I'm ecstatic about sharing you YOU! 

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Mamma Massage - Nurturing the nurturers

Mamma Mentoring - Find your own inner wisdom

So to finish up, I want to share my INTENTIONS for 2023! 

The word Magick (yes with a k) has recently come to my attention. We all know what the typical word 'magic' means - wizards & witches, spells, potions.... or card tricks, disappearing acts, illusions - right? 

Well, my understanding of this unique word - Magick - is said to be ANYTHING that moves an individual towards their true nature, highest self, divine connection! Sounds absolutely enchanting and I love it! 

This explanation also places purpose on our everyday, possibly mundane activities (doing dishes or driving the kids to school or going to work). In my humble opinion, this means by living each moment to it's fullest, we are more present and clear to learn from our past, live in the now and grow intentionally into our future! Sounds like my kind of New Year's Hopes and Dreams!  

How about you? What are your intentions for 2023? Does it involve some extra special MAGICK!?

Dixie Ewing