DIY Massage

07.03.21 07:27 PM

Learn Massage Basics to help yourself & loved ones

Simple Essentials

Before you start, make sure you’re prepared.  Some suggestions include:

  • Warm Oil &/or Lotion 

  • Pillows, Blankets, Towels

  • Candles, Music, SILENCE PHONES!

  • Fingernails are trimmed

Clear Space, Clear Mind

Create a Peaceful and Loving Environment

                                                                                                                              Atmosphere - Dim lights, serene music, tidy environment

                                                                                                                                                                                        Be Mindful and Present

   Practice Makes ...PROGRESS!

    -NOTICE & LISTEN to cues

    -ASK for Feedback

    -Intuition & Inward Reflection

Hands On

Warm Hands & Oil

Think in 3’s— Three SLOW strokes

🤍 Flow - Toward Heart!

Keep Contact - helps body relax & trust

Movements to the Music -  Slow repetitive motions

    Giving a massage should be comfortable for the Giver also.

    Some tips on how to massage correctly – and effortlessly.

    -Contouring - Open Palms, Fingers Curved, Follow Lines

    -Alternate - Fist, Palms, Forearms, Elbows

    -Lean from Core- Use Body Weight Properly 

    -Proper Body Mechanics - Head up, drop your shoulders, back straight, knees bent... 

            𝆕 HEAD, SHOULDERS, BACK & KNEES… 𝆕

                                                                                            Relax & ENJOY!

                                                                            Trust Yourself and Be Confident

                                                                          Connection is Key - Enjoy time together

                                                               Consistent - Set regular dates to pamper each other

                                                                               Have FUN - Laugh, Joke, ENJOY!


    If you end up stumbling the whole way, just NOTICE and LEARN for next time! 

    One of the most important things to remember after the massage, is for the recipient to drink     plenty of water for the next couple days. Water helps flush out toxins and re-hydrate our muscles. Water, Water, Water!

Dixie Ewing