“Everything I know...

11.23.21 11:01 AM

...about business, I learned from the Grateful Dead." ~Barry Barnes PhD

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Have you ever been looking for something online and ended up finding something equally interesting, yet different than your original idea? 

That’s exactly how I found the quote for today!

Can you guess what I was searching for initially? 

We'll get to that later.

First, let’s flashback for a moment -


...Your absolute favorite music concert

  • LOOK around - notice the lighting, the people, the environment

  • LISTEN closely - notice the music, the voices, the rhythm

  • BREATHE deeply - notice the scents, the aromas, the air

  • PAUSE - notice all your senses

Mmmmm….. memories! 

( Bear with me, if you’re not a "Deadhead" … it will still be a fun read ;) )


As I remember my favorite concert, it all floods back….

  • LOOKING around - Dim lighting, surrounded by friends and fans swaying to the beat

  • LISTENING closely - Instruments and voices spiral together synchronistically

  • BREATHING deeply - Scent of Patchouli fills the air, along with many other smoky aromas

  • PAUSING - Deep connection to my innate freedom, as the music grooves through me

Any ideas what concert? 

Couple more clues …

Crisp Autumn evening

Early 90's

Eugene, Oregon

My friends and I didn’t know it at the time - this was to be our final trip, traveling the U.S. to experience

…..THE Grateful Dead!

Yep! In my young adult years - I was a self-appointed "Deadhead", ‘wannabe’ hippie, FLOWER CHILD! 


Why am I telling you this story? 

You thought this blog was about health and wellness….

Well, our past leads to our present, right?

Plus it’s fun to reminisce  ;)

…. Fortunately, it only took me a short time of ‘experimenting’ in that phase - to discover my OWN ability to flow into a “Natural High” (without the use of substances anymore). 

I learned some BIG life lessons during that time frame and discovered a new FREEDOM awakening within me.

From this autonomy, grew an intense urge 

to be kind, 

to be compassionate, 

to be of service and 

to co-create a better world! 

I felt a deep connection to the Earth, a longing to re-discover my purpose and contribute from this kindred place!


Naturally, I started seeking out ways to heal the scrapes and scratches and scars of our world caused by 

- - - us humans - - -

Serendipities quickly started flooding in… 


A friend gave me the book “Celestine Prophecy” by James Redfield.

SERIOUSLY MIND BLOWing material at that juncture in my life.

And my autodidact quest began....

Soon after, I helped initiate a local-weekly-curbside-recycle-pick-up...

waaay before it was even ‘a thing’. 

As an avid thrift store junkie, I started sharing stories of the 2nd hand treasures I’d find…

waaay before it was trendy.

Most significantly for my future, I stumbled upon my career path...

waaay before it was an “accepted” healing medicine.

In 1997 I became a Licensed Massage Therapist! 


THAT is where my journey to wellness converges with my Grateful Dead past. 

Back to the present…

What do you guess I was searching for initially? 


I was going for a Thanksgiving twist and simply searched… 

Grateful Dead quotes “

One of the results was the title of the book written by Barry Barnes.

“Everything I know about business, I learned from the Grateful Dead”

Subtitled - ‘ The Ten Most Innovative Lessons from a Long, Strange Trip ’ 

At first glance, the book looks comical YET ultra accurate too!

So what did I do?

I ordered it through my go-to used book site -


Socially and environmentally responsible organization, that I'm glad to support!

What books (music, movies, video games, treasures) can you mark off your holiday gift list

from ThriftBooks.com? Share in the comments below…

Hope you have a Grateful Thanksgiving ;)

Dixie Ewing