MAMMA Massage!

05.02.23 01:38 PM

Nurturing the Nurturers!


Anyone who's ever had a professional massage knows that our Body, Mind and Soul feel so relaxed and refreshed afterwards! AND the same goes for MAMMA MASSAGE, which feels especially wonderful when there are so many changes happening during and after pregnancy.

Hormones, posture, weight and all the shifts going on physically, emotionally, mentally! These changes stir up new challenges and magnify previous issues for our whole being. 

That's where Mamma Massage comes in....

Below you'll find info for soon-to-be and new Mamma's, about receiving massage before, during and after pregnancy.  

Mamma Massage is adapted for the anatomical adjustments you go through during pregnancy and beyond. In a traditional massage, you might lay face down on your stomach for 1/2 to 3/4 the the time and the other portion facing up. This timing is adjusted during prenatal massage, to accommodate your growing womb and baby.

As your body shape and posture changes, I (Dixie) will make accommodations with special cushioning systems (see photo's above) which include breakaway areas that allow you to lie face down safely for a short time, while providing room for your expanding belly and breasts.  Then for the the remainder of the session, you will lie on your side or back with the support of pillows and cushions. It's a really simple process and I'll give you all the instructions at your session!


Short answer - YES! 

Prenatal massage is generally considered safe after the first trimester, as long as you get the green light from your practitioner or support team and ALWAYS let me know you’re pregnant before the session. During the first three months of pregnancy, it's recommended to schedule shorter sessions and again, be sure to let me know - even if there's a POSSIBILITY of being pregnant! 

On a side note, massage can be very beneficial when you are trying to get pregnant, because a relaxed body - signals the brain and hormones that it's safe to reproduce :)

Despite myths you might have heard, there’s is no magic eject button that will accidentally disrupt your pregnancy. There are pressure points that are best to avoid until after 36 weeks of pregnancy, although they are very specific and need to be massaged in a certain manner to have an affect.  In other words, it's ok if you or your partner accidentally press those points on occasion for a brief session!

During your second half of pregnancy (after the fourth month), I will make sure to have your head and shoulders elevated above your belly during massage, for the best circulation, so you and your baby stay safe and healthy!

Deep tissue work is not recommended during a prenatal massage, especially on your legs. While gentle to medium pressure is safe (and can feel heavenly!), pregnant mammas may be susceptible to circulation issues and it's safest to use light to medium strokes.  

Another thing to keep in mind, is that any massage therapist CAN theoretically work on pregnant women, yet it’s best to find a specialist who has advanced training in prenatal massage. (There’s no specific certification, so you should ask before you make your appointment.) This way, you can rest assured you’re in the hands of someone who knows how to relieve your aches and pain, position you safely and comfortably, and has experience working with women in this stage of life. 

As a Mamma of 4 kids myself and over 25 years specializing in Prenatal Massage, you can feel confident in my skills and abilities! 

That being said, YOU know your body best - so ALWAYS communicate about pressure, temperature, positioning, etc.— and if anything starts to be uncomfortable during your appointment, please mention it verbally right away!

Finally, always check with your health practitioner before receiving a prenatal massage — particularly if you have diabetes, extreme morning sickness, preeclampsia, high blood pressure, abdominal pain or bleeding — these complications could make massage during pregnancy risky. OR if you have chosen pregnancy and birth free of any medical interventions, I invite you to tune with your body and baby to know if massage is right for you at this time.

Otherwise, Mama Massage is the perfect self-care for YOU and your baby! 


Research shows that massage can reduce stress hormones in your body plus relax and loosen your muscles. It also helps reconnect your Body, Mind and Soul, which in turn aligns your intuition for easier birth and parenting! 

Plus many other benefits including:

  • Better Sleep (super important during this stage of life!)
  • Relieve Joint, Neck, Back and General Pain
  • Reduce Leg Cramping
  • Alleviate Sciatica
  • Ease Swelling in Hands and Feet (if not related to preeclampsia)
  • Soothe Carpal Tunnel Issues
  • Relieve Headaches and Sinus congestion
  • Improve Anxiety, Prenatal & Post Partum Depression
  • Reduce Blood Pressure and Respiratory Rate
  • Increase Oxytocin Production
  • Lower Prenatal Complications
  • Decrease Labor Time

We know the journey of motherhood can be challenging and fantastic!

We are so grateful you've chosen to include massage as part of your pregnancy and postpartum care!

WARMLY - Dixie Ewing

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Thank yourself later ;)


Dixie Ewing