Sacred Placenta Ceremonies

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"Look down at your navel...."

Sample Placenta Art!

Industrialization of Birth

"Look down at your navel. There is undoubtedly a small depression or scar left by the detachment of your umbilical cord, right at the center of you body! This is a permanent mark, a souvenir, a reminder of your placenta, which was crucial to your development as an embryo & fetus. 
​Yet, in our modern culture, we do not think about our umbilical cords or placentas. Most hospitals in the west today simply dispose of the babies' placentas, tossing them out as mere medical waste. How did the placenta, central to our survival & future well-being, lose its significance and come to be considered garbage? This was born of an ugly revolution in the twentieth century & driven by society's momentum to dominate nature, which Dr. Michel Odent (who specializes in Obstetrics & helped popularize water births) calls ​"the industrialization of childbirth." 

~Robin Lim in the book 'Placenta: The Forgotten Chakra'

My Mission 

Throughout most of history, placentas have been considered an ultra important aspect of the new babies life & many traditions centered around this life-giving organ. 

Some cultures buried or planted the placenta in the garden or by their front door, others consumed it or (one of my favorites) they might  float it out to sea ...  each of these were deeply rooted in ceremonies, meditations & prayers for the new baby, mamma & family. 

Yet today, these sacred practices have nearly been forgotten!

YOU get to decide what happens during & after your birth - including what becomes of your babies placenta! 

My mission is to RELCAIM our ancient birthright & bring back the special nature of these traditions! 

So whichever method you choose, I invite you to do so with a gentle, grateful & loving heart, remembering what an amazing miracle the placenta played in your baby's development!

If you decide to have the placenta encapsulated, made into a tincture &/or create keepsakes, I would be honored to help in this process.

I consider this work to be Sacred & Ceremonial! I will treat your placenta with the UTMOST divine respect & love!

I'm so very thankful for the opportunity to serve your family!

Trained & Certified

    Red Rocks Birth Services

  • I hold a current Blood Borne Pathogens certification, which meets OSHA standards for safety and sanitation
  • I hold a current food handling safety certification for the state of Utah
  • I uphold the highest standard for safety and sanitation
  • I have very specific and rigorous protocol for placenta transport, refrigeration, preparation, dehydration, and sanitation
  • I only work on ONE placenta at a time in order to give full attention to detail and safety


My favorite part in the placenta process is creating memorable, soulful pieces to celebrate the magic of this miraculous, lifegiving organ! 

I'm happy to offer placenta keepsakes and art EVEN if you choose another ceremonial method such as planting or floating your Sacred Afterbirth (instead of encapsulation). 

Options include:

  • Umbilical Cord Symbol such as heart, spiral, star etc.
  • Placenta Prints
  • Placenta Print Artwork

See more details below or click HERE

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the process for releasing my placenta at a hospital or birth center? 

It's quite simple!

All hospitals and birth centers should be familiar with placenta release. The policies vary slightly between locations, but they are very similar. I suggest getting familiar with your local policies BEFORE your birth. 

Here are a few tips:

  • Make sure your care providers, nurses and any assistance know you want to keep your placenta when you give birth. Writing it in BOLD print on your Birth Plan can be very helpful. 
  • The hospital or birth center will likely place the placenta in a plastic container and/or zip lock type bags. 
  • They MIGHT keep it safely refrigerated for you OR you may need to provide your own cooler, until it can be released. I'm happy to return the cooler when I deliver your items, if you'd like.
  • The placenta needs to be kept at 41° or lower within 2 hours of the birth. Plenty of ice or freezer packs in a cooler should be enough to maintain this temperature. 
  • The staff will likely give you a release form to sign consent for me to pick up your placenta. 
  • Please update me (or delegate someone from your birth support circle to do so) when you are headed to the hospital/birth center AND let me know the exciting news as soon as possible after birth
  • If your baby arrives between the hours of 9pm and 8am, I will be unable to pick up your placenta until morning. If this happens, it is important that you either have a: 
  1. member of your support circle, bring it home to place in the fridge within 2 hours of birth or 
  2. small cooler or ice chest to keep the placenta on ice until I can arrive 
  • If your placenta is sent home with a friend or family member to be placed in a fridge, simply send me the address for pick up and the number of who I need to coordinate with.

I'll take care of the rest! Congrats and enjoy!!!

How do I store my placenta after a home birth?

Usually your midwife will take care of this and if not, it's very easy! 

After birth and the umbilical cord is detached: 

  • Double bag your placenta in 2 gallon size zip lock type bags 
  • Or your mid-wife may provide a plastic container and zip lock type bag - either is great!
  • Refrigerate within 2 hours of birth
  • Contact me when you've given birth and I will pick it up from your home as soon as you are ready for me to do so.  
  • If your baby arrives between the hours of 9pm and 8am, I will be unable to pick up your placenta until morning. If this happens, it is important that you place the placenta in the fridge within 2 hours of birth. 

What is a placenta tincture? 

In addition to placenta encapsulation, I also offer placenta tinctures as another option to receive the benefits of your placenta!

A tincture is essentially a liquid extract using a small piece of your placenta in high proof alcohol solution. It takes six weeks for your tincture to be ready for use - which is probably when you will be running low, or out, of your capsules. 

A tincture is a great backup for your capsules since you don't know how many you will get (every placenta is different in size) or how long you will want to take them for the benefits. 

Store your tincture in a cool, dark place and it will keep indefinitely.

Tinctures can be used once your capsules are gone if you feel you need the the support with:

  • mood
  • energy
  • milk supply
  • postpartum mood disorders, etc. 
  • PMS symptoms once your menstrual cycle returns postpartum 
  • help alleviate menopause symptoms years into your future

It can be very helpful to have this back up even on hard days when you just need a pick-me-up. With a placenta tincture, the benefits can be extended far beyond postpartum!

What cleaning process do you follow?

All equipment and supplies are used for placenta preparation only and are all of highest quality for sanitation purposes. In my work space, I never work on more than one placenta at a time. If two clients give birth on the same day, I complete the first placenta, fully sanitize, and then complete the second placenta so that each receives my full attention to detail and safety. My work space and equipment are sanitized with a full strength bleach solution to prevent cross contamination. I hold a current Utah food handlers permit and bloodborne pathogen certification from American Red Cross. You and your families health are my utmost priority!


Do you deliver my items?

All you need to think about is taking care of yourself and your baby after birth. I strive to make this process as easy as possible for you, so yes I deliver to your home or the hospital, wherever you are when your capsules are ready. 

PLEASE rest during this special time after birth and DO NOT clean up or change your clothes, etc. before I come to pick-up your placenta! I will respect your space - if you prefer that I just grab it & go, that's totally fine OR if you'd like to introduce me to your baby, that's great too! Either way - RELAX! Enjoy these precious early baby moments!

Also if you are located 30+ miles outside of St. George, Utah - I will charge an additional fee depending on gas prices at the time. 

How many capsules will I get?

This can vary widely depending on the size of your placenta. The average amount of capsules a placenta yields is about 80-100. I recommend adding a placenta tincture which will extend the benefits of your placenta for a much longer time.

How is my placenta processed?

I use a Traditional Chinese Medicine method, by steaming the placenta along with ginger, lemon & peppers then dehydrating, grinding and encapsulating (plus LOTS of cleaning before, during and after LOL). 

What are the costs for Sacred Placenta Services?

Since I recently finished my training, I'm offering a "Grand Opening Special", which means you get an amazing price while I spread the word about what I offer! 

Right now I'm offering these sacred services for only $144 (regularly $255) which includes Encapsulation, Tincture and choice of one art or keepsake item - but only for a limited time! Additional artistic items & prices listed in the next section.

Contact me ASAP, I'll send you a link for an intake form, you pay $44 deposit via cash, Venmo, PayPal or Zelle, to hold your spot and the other $100 (or $111 if you like repeat numbers like me) is due before you give birth! 

❤ Financial Aid may be available for encapsulation & tinctures. Please contact me about the option of Conscious Giving/Pay-What-You-Can. 
On the other hand, if you would like to Pay-it-forward with an additional contribution, please let me know and I will add that amount to the Financial Aid Fund!


What placenta keepsakes and art do you offer?

This is my favorite part in the placenta process - creating memorable, soulful pieces to celebrate the magic of this miraculous, lifegiving organ! 

I'm happy to offer placenta keepsakes and art EVEN if you choose another ceremonial method such as planting or floating your Sacred Afterbirth (instead of encapsulation)

Options include:

  • Umbilical Cord Symbol of your choice such as hearts, spirals, stars etc.   I simply thread crafting wire in the cord, shape & dehydrate. Can be painted after dried. 
    • Included: 1 complimentary keepsake with each encapsulation
    • A la Cart: $55-66 
  • Placenta Prints - using either the natural blood from the placenta itself or non-toxic food dye to make as many prints as you'd like. This can be done on cardstock paper or a canvas. 
    • Included: 1 complimentary Cardstock Print 
    • Additional: $11-22 per print  
    • A la cart: $44-55 for the first & $11-22 per additional print 
  • Placenta Print Artwork - first I start with a print like I previously mentioned, then I create a masterpiece with either paint, pastels or colored pencils. I can also add your baby's name, a poem, quote or any text you would like on the art piece. This can be done on cardstock paper or a canvas. 
    • Included: $44-55 each
    • A la carte: $111-155 each

Above term details:

  • "Included" =  if encapsulation is purchased
  • "Additional" = in addition to the included items if encapsulation is purchased
  • "A la carte" = stand alone services - no encapsulation purchased
  • Price variations are dependent on your choice of supplies (ie: cardstock or canvas)
  • Add a placenta tincture to any a la carte purchase for only $20

I'm so excited to serve you! Warmly, Dixie

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